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231400, Grodno region, Novogrudok, st. May 1, 59

History of the company

Novogrudok District Office “Masloprom”, 1944 -1951 years

The history of the plant started in 1944, when immediately after the liberation of the city of Novogrudok from Nazi invaders in July 1944 its residents began to restore the national economy. June 18, 1944 according to the order number 2 of Baranovichi Obltrest began its work Novogrudok district office “Masloprom”. It consisted of creameries and of separator separations of Novogrudok district and Berezovka. According to the order number 6 from 20.07.1944, at the district office “Masloprom” in Novogrudok for the post of Director of the Novogrudok creamery from 07.12.1944 was approved Tabachinsky Martin Timofeevich.

The creamery was a small wooden building. Milk was brought from the villages on horseback. Work at the plant was very labor-consuming, everything was done manually. The plant was poor, had one car-lorry only. Every morning, coming to work, employees of the company had to chop wood, heat the boiler and water, in which each flask of milk was lowered to warm it to a certain temperature. Milk was separated on a hand separator. Cream was pasteurized in a water “box” and then it was cooled in adapted cement basins that were filled with ice water. Butter was whipped in a wooden electric churn, and when there was no electricity – manually. In the creamery butter, casein, cheese, yogurt, and sour cream were produced. Butter in raw state taken from the peasants instead of milk was processed as well.

In winter, the factory workers had to stock up with firewood and ice. Close to the factory was dug a pit in which ice was kept during a season.

The five-years plan for the restoration and economic development of the city for 1946-1950 envisaged reconstruction of Novogrudok butter and milk powder plant and mechanization of manual labor. In the 50s the company was transferred to the area of the bus station.

Novogrudok Butter and Milk Powder Plant, 1954 -1983 years

18 June 1951 according to the order number 139 of Obltrest “Masloprom” Novogrugok district office “Masloprom” was liquidated. 01.01.1951 began its work Novogrudok mechanized butter and powdered milk plant, as an independent company with its own balance sheet. From this day all regional creameries and separator separations obeyed to Novogrudok mechanized butter and powdered milk plant.

According to the order of the management of the dairy industry ina BSSR Novogrudok butter and milk powder plant since the beginning of the 60s had been working as an enterprise subordinated to Lida Milk Plant. It changed its name to Novogrudok main butter and powdered milk plant. The plant was transferred to a new site at 1 May str. 59.

May 12, 1966 the director of the plant became Pruss Alexey Nikolaevich. He had active business attitude and was confident in success of the business.

By 1976, the mill employed 56 people. During each shift 88 tons of milk was processed.

The structure of the plant included shops:

  • Production of milk and dairy products;
  • Production of milk substitute;
  • Production of butter;
  • Production of ice-cream;
  • Shop processing products in raw state situated in Lubcha.

According to the scheme of layout of dairy industry enterprises in the BSSR approved in June 25, 1975 by the deputy minister of Meat and Dairy Industry of the USSR it was scheduled to reconstruct and expand Novogrudok plant of skimmed milk powder with increased production of dairy products by 4.1 tons, butter by 10 tons, WMS by 12 tons per shift.

Novogrudok Butter Factory, 1984 -1998 years

In December 1984 the reconstruction of Novogrudok plant of skimmed milk powder was completed. December 28, 1984 was put first start-up complex of the plant COM on complete import equipment. Since then, the plant is called Novogrudok Butter Factory.

The second part of the plant with domestic equipment was adopted in December 1985 and December 27, 1985 was released the first batch of dairy products:

  • milk in bottles;
  • kefir;
  • cottage cheese;
  • ice-cream.

For normal operation, the input capacity of the plant was provided by electric and thermal energy, hot and cold water, wastewater discharges, cold, sanitary arrangements, a dining room for 50 seats, a hostel for 100 people, operational personnel with higher education.

Reconstruction of the plant and removing it into the ranks of the largest food companies of the republic, providing the plant with personnel with higher qualifications, solution of social problems of the workers have occurred thanks to Pruss Alexei Nikolayevich, who almost twenty years of his working life worked at the plant as its director.

February 6, 1985 the director of the reconstructed plant became Zharin Evgenij Vitaljevich.

JSC “Novogrudok Butter Factory”

March 9, 1998, in accordance with the law on joint stock companies the state enterprise Novogrudok Butter Factory was transformed into JSC “Novogrudok Butter Factory”.

March 16, 2005 Korelichi Creamery was connected to the plant.

In December 2005, the company introduced a quality management system STB ISO – 9001-2001. In December 2006, the HACCP system for compliance with the requirements of STB 1470-2004 was introduced as well.

Since July 2006 at the plant was put into operation a new section for hard cheese production. This kind of cheese is made without preservatives, according to old recipes with modern equipment, what gives the cheese unique taste and excellent quality.