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231400, Grodno region, Novogrudok, st. May 1, 59

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At present JSC “Dairy Company “Novogrudok Gifts” can rightly be called the largest dairy enterprises of Grodno region. Production capacity of the plant allows processing about 340 tons of raw milk daily. Today, under the brand name “Novogrudok Gifts” more than 80 kinds of products are produced: hard, soft and brine cheese, whole milk products, skimmed and whole milk. This product line makes it easier to maneuver in a constantly changing demand.

One of the latest successful developments of the enterprise is production of elite sorts of cheese: “PESTO RED” and “PESTO GREEN”. They have not only original flavor, but also differ from the classic cheese by its bright green and red color.

JSC “Dairy Company“Novogrudok Gifts” focuses on “live” products, minimally exposing them to technical processing. Dairy products contain no preservatives, artificial additives and genetically modified ingredients. That is why the products under the brand “Novogrudok Gifts” are so desirable on every table.